You may know colloidal silver as the controversial substance that can be found occasionally in antibacterial and anti-fungal products, as it is known to possess these qualities. However, you may NOT know that many of these controversies are in actually due to the fact that colloidal silver is almost too effective as an anti-infection substance, powerful enough to be used against antibiotic-resistant strep throat (MRSA), as well as the infamous H1N1 swine flu virus and the common cold. This means that pharmaceutical companies are actually losing money, while you’re saving it!

However, what about simple skin ailments, such as acne, which are prone to occur more often and have a larger impact on your meticulously maintained physical appearance? Colloidal silver can help with those too, by killing the bacteria and viruses associated with them. Here’s how!

Choking the Oxygen out of Harmful Bacteria:

Colloidal silver is made by applying a small electrical current to silver strips that have been dunked in distilled water. Over time, the water eventually becomes full of little tiny particles of silver. Colloidal silver can then be added to a number of different skin creams and antibiotics in its simplest form, and begin working its magic.

Accordingly, colloidal silver is considered more of an antiseptic rather than just an antibiotic, because it can kill viruses and destroy fungal infections on top of eliminating bacteria. How does it do this? In chemistry, silver naturally holds onto oxygen molecules that typically react with bacteria and viruses, preventing them from using oxygen in cellular respiration- the main way that the cells making up you, I, and most other living creatures on our tiny planet obtain the necessary energy to live. In this sense, colloidal silver literally causes the bacteria to asphyxiate and die, making it a horror-movie bacterial and viral serial killer. 

So what does this have to do with your skin?

or those suffering from severe acne, you may know that those worrisome red bumps and black dots blemishing your face can be caused by not only excess sebum (facial oil) in the pores of the skin, but also via bacterial infections, most commonly P. acnes (Propionibacterum acne). P. acne tends to feed off of sebum produced in the pores of your skin, causing them to multiply and stimulate the inflammations associated with pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. However, as colloidal silver blocks oxygen from allowing these bacteria to multiply, a regular application of colloidal silver to the face can block the supply of oxygen to these harmful bacteria and kill them, as well as removing the excess sebum blocking pores.

Likewise, colloidal silver is known to be safe and effective to use for those who deal with daily dry skin from eczema, unsightly warts, and painful skin ulcers in the same way, by blocking the bacteria that cause them. These skin properties are actually so well known, that they are sometimes placed in soaps for external skin use! The best part is that it is not only safe, as it targets the germs, while leaving the surrounding tissues untouched, but cheap too! So who says silver can be just a ring on your hand- try it out before the FDA catches onto its miracle money-saving skin benefits!



Add a hydrating sugar scrub with a hot towel back compress and moisturizing lotion to your massage. Adds 10 minutes to treatment time.


A mini facial added to the end of your massage  includes cleanse, tone, organic mask, and customized moisturizer. A perfect quick pick-me-up for your skin! Adds 15 minutes to your treatment time.



Your hands/feet will be massaged with organic cocoa butter, then heated with warmed mitts/booties. Deeply hydrating.

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