This summer JLounge partnered with Live Heavily Meditated and hosted our first meditation event at JLounge Spa in Boulder, CO. It was amazing! A group of women got together and spent quality time focusing on replenishing and rejuvenating their minds and spirits. Bonus – we got to sample the CBD-infused JL ESSENCIALS products during the meditation and there was an awesome goodie bag filled with samples of JL ESSENCIALS products, chocolate and more!

“Meditation is important and I never take enough time to do it,” shared Julie Perington, co-founder of JLounge Spa and JL ESSENCIALS. “When I do take the time to meditate, I feel better, more focused and rejuvenated. I’m ready to go back at it with renewed energy. Because of this, we want to make meditation available to all our JLounge clients and their friends, so they can enjoy the benefits of meditation, too.”

We recently hosted another event in partnership with Live Heavily Meditated and it was also awesome! It was a 90-minute pop-up meditation event focused on “Women + Refilling Your Cup.” Live Heavily Meditated shared five different types of meditation and the benefits of each including tips for how to create your own in-home meditation practice. Everyone also got to experience the calming, anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD/ hemp oil by sampling the JL ESSENCIALS hemp-infused products.

“JLounge is all about natural wellness and improving one’s health,” said Jennifer Zrubek, co-founder of JLounge Spa and JL ESSENCIALS. “Meditation is a key part of starting to focus on one’s self and overall
health. Because of that we’re continuing to partner with Live Heavily Meditated and host great meditation events.”

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Learn more about Live Heavily Meditated!
Here is a little bit more about Live Heavily Meditated from Live Heavily Meditated. It is two awesome women, Dana and Julie, who are very real about life and living. We can relate and we hope you can, too.

At Live Heavily Meditated, our mission is to deliver fun and fresh mindfulness & meditation experiences in Boulder/Denver.

Meditation doesn’t need to be complicated, boring or difficult. It can be a simple, fun, and effective tool or practice that helps nearly every aspect of your life (as proven by over 4,500 studies).

Live Heavily Meditated brings a modern twist to meditation. It’s part guided meditation, part breathing exercises, and part learning the basics to create your own meditation practice. We may throw in aromatherapy, candles, crystals, sound bowls, soothing music, or sage just to get a little crazy. 

You can meditate to feel great. There are many benefits that meditation and mindfulness can provide – many studies show drastic improvements with sleep, stress, focus, memory, anxiety, health, productivity, creativity, and relationships. And meditation helps you reconnect you with the fact that you are awesome. Our teaching style deeply resonates with those who are truly “in it” – with kids, careers and chaos. If you listen to gangsta’ rap while driving to the farmers market after yoga class, Live Heavily Meditated is for you. If you’re too busy to attend a farmers market or yoga class, Live Heavily Meditated is still for you. If you’re interested in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, or even spirituality just as much as The Bachelor, we speak the same love language. 

Grow your skills in a simple, fun and fresh way. Dana and Julie (that’s us your teachers) are the co-founders of Live Heavily Meditated, and will guide you every step of the way. We are 200-hour trained yoga and meditation teachers. Dana has over 15 years of corporate wellness experience. 

Who says meditation has to be boring? It can be a simple, fun, and effective tool or practice. Once you learn the basics, you can do it anytime, anywhere with ease.  We strive to make meditation accessible to everyone – especially stressed out, busy people. 

Learn more at Live Heavily Meditated.


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