We emerge from our COVID-19 caves this summer a little bleary eyed, a little better at solitaire, and a little hairier. Maybe with all your fave shops reopening you’ve been on your phone searching “nail salons open near me,” and caught a glimpse of your brow reflection in the screen…then quickly modified your search to “waxing near me.” Maybe you put on a pair of shorts and thought “I might need some longer shorts.” Whatever the reason, it’s now very obvious that a trip to your favorite Boulder spa is in order. So wherever you are in your waxing journey, this article’s for you, with love from all of us at JLounge 🙂

Waxing Services + COVID-19 Precautions + You

First, we must address the current climate we’re living in and how that will affect your waxing appointment with us. If you’re thinking to yourself ‘is it even safe for me to go out and get my leg fuzzies removed?’ we understand, and that’s exactly the thought we had before reopening. With that mindset, we developed our current safety protocol for keeping all of our lovely clients healthy and beautiful. We’ll be wearing masks and ask that you do, too. We’ll check your temp at the door and practice social distancing in the spa. Great news – we are offering all our waxing services, so no need to fret if you’re headed to the beach anytime soon. As for cleanliness, JLounge has always prided itself on being the standard in spa sanitation and tidiness since the day the doors opened. When waxing, we always use gloves and we never double dip waxing sticks, because…that’s just gross. Nevertheless, we’ve upped our cleaning game even further so that our clients and staff can have peace of mind (and great looking brows). 

Waxing Tips & Tricks

Now let’s get into the fun stuff, aka all the best waxing hacks. There are lots of options for spas in Boulder, CO that offer waxing, but if you’re looking for a place that uses natural ingredients (before, after, and during) and employs a gentle technique, then you’ve found it at Jlounge. Below you’ll find our procedure so you can check it out and decide what’s right for you. 


We prep the area with a little grapeseed oil to create a barrier between the hair and the skin. This ensures that inflammation is kept to a minimum during the wax and the skin is left moisturized afterwards. We also recommend using a bit of our Calendula Calm beforehand to ease the stress on that area of skin. 


NO CHEMICALS. PERIOD. For Brazilians and the bikini area we use a honey hard wax which conveniently has its ingredients listed in the name. Most waxes have plastics in them which burn and pull the skin, so we thought it’d be best to just leave that junk out. For other areas of the skin we use the Lycotec white strip wax which is made from titanium dioxide (FDA safe ingredient that allows the wax to go on smooth and come off with less pain), micro mica (a natural mineral that produces a gentler wax), coconut oil, and vanilla. It has no drag, it’s gluten and cruelty free, vegan, and smells sooooo good. 


Your skin is now hair free (hooray!) but naturally looks a little red and inflamed. To combat this and get you looking & feeling your best, we again use a little grapeseed oil and follow with some toner to soothe the area. We also HIGHLY recommend requesting a bit of our CBD products to fully calm your skin after a fresh wax. If you get your brows done with us we’ll treat you to a little jade roller massage post-wax to cool and relax the skin. 

Whether you’re a regular waxer who has reluctantly held out on shaving the past couple months, a lover of both waxing and shaving, or a wax newbie, JLounge will provide you with a safe, natural, and clean spa experience with professional results. 

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