Meet Sophie. She’s an awesome little girl with a very rare disease. There are only 30 other people in the world with it and there isn’t a cure. Help us raise money and awareness to find a cure and keep her smiling. 

For the month of October, Jlounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa & JL ESSENCIALS natural skincare are partnering with Sophie’s Neighborhood. We’ll be donating 10% of the online and in spa proceeds to support this great cause. 

Sophie’s Neighborhood is a nonprofit dedicated to fundraising for research and development of an effective treatment or cure for a rare genetic disorder: Multicentric Carpotarsal Osteolysis (MCTO). It is named after Sophie, a little girl who is battling this rare disorder, and the community she is building to find a cure.

How You Can Help us support Sophie’s Neighborhood! 

  • Order your favorite JL ESSENCIALS natural skincare products from JLESSENCIALS.com in October. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Sophie’s Neighborhood. 

We appreciate your support!

Here is Sophie’s story:

At the age of 15 months, Sophie was not able to stand up on her feet. When her family tried to aid her, they were met with cries and fussing. It seemed like she was in pain. By 18 months, nothing had improved but they had already started down an investigative path. An x-ray of her foot showed inflammation in her ankles as well as an underdevelopment in the talus bone in her right foot. The inflammation piece was the cue to send the family to rheumatology at Children’s Hospital Colorado, where Sophie was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of 22 months. 

Sophie’s parents, Josea & Lauren Rosenberg, were pleased to learn of a gamut of available treatments and therapies effective in managing arthritis discomfort and inflammation. Sophie’s medical plan of care was working and Sophie was walking unassisted one week before she turned 2. Before the age of 2.5 years old, Sophie was feeling better than ever. She was finally walking with confidence, despite a funny gait, and she even started running. She was almost entirely pain free. Even though the treatments seemed to be working, the deformities in her feet kept the doctors scratching their heads. It was the missing link. 

In November 18, 2019, Sophie and both parents submitted DNA, and 2 months later learned of Sophie’s actual diagnosis, MCTO. Her parents were told she was one out of only 30 other people in the world identified with the disorder. And despite how much wonderful progress she had made over the previous year, she would end up crippled in her hands, feet and potentially other joints, and probably would need a kidney transplant sometime during her childhood.

At that very moment, Sophie’s parents knew they were not going to sit on the sidelines and let this play out. Within 72 hours of receiving the diagnosis Sophie’s Neighborhood was visualized. Today, it continues to raise funds to find a cure for Multicentric Carpotarsal Osteolysis (MCTO) a very rare genetic disorder. To learn more, visit Sophie’s Neighborhood

We are proud to be helping Sophie’s Neighborhood find a cure. We hope you will join us to support this great cause!


Note: This promotion is running October 1-31, 2020.


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