“I absolutely love helping people achieve their best health, it feels like my calling and I’m really stubborn. I have the passion and the will to stick it out because this is what I was put on this planet to offer and I love it.”

We’re thrilled to be featuring some of our favorite wellness practitioners this month to learn more about all the different ways to practice healthy, gratifying living. We spoke to Rebecca Baack of Mecha Fitness to learn more about her wellness journey and her favorite tips for living your best life. 

How do you personally define wellness?

Aging well so that you can continue to do the activities you love into old age. 

What piqued your interest in wellness? Were you interested in healthy living from a young age, or did you find it later on?

From a young age, I could never sit still. I was always wiggling and moving. After graduating CU I worked in corporate strategy at Level 3 Communications and then Sterling Rice Group before starting my first yoga studio 16 years ago which was CorePower Yoga’s first franchise in Broomfield, CO. 

What’s your favorite way to practice wellness daily?

Break a sweat at least once a day, then spend a few minutes signaling your body to recover with deep relaxed breathing.

What do you think the greatest wellness tip you could share with a younger version of yourself is?

Do shorter, more intense workouts. It’s less wear and tear on the body and gets you better results. 

For those who aren’t familiar, how would you explain what you do?

Mecha offers two kinds of classes. Our Resistance classes are strength-based pilates. It’s really strength training done in a very slow and methodical way to maximize muscle adaptation and development while being easy on the joints. At 50 minutes, it’s a quick but intense workout that presents enough stimulus to get incredible results in the body. We also offer Cardio+Strength HIIT classes that are low impact, intense, and very efficient for your time. In 50 minutes you’ll get everything you need cardiovascularly to stimulate a strong adaptive response that helps you age well and become a powerhouse in all of your physical pursuits. 

How did you get started working at Mecha? How would you describe your experience as a fitness instructor?

I’ve been working in fitness now for nearly 20 years. I’m a co-owner of thirty-four CorePower Yoga studios, a co-owner of Ape Co Movement School here in Boulder, and the exclusive owner of Mecha Fitness. I purchased Mecha out of Covid closure in mid-2020 and it’s been a wild ride ever since. We’ve faced every challenge imaginable and many I never could have imagined. We opened a second location in Louisville, CO in September 2021 only to have to shut down for the fires a few months later. We were brought to our knees at that location just as we were starting to grow. That community in general has faced many challenges and all Louisville businesses are working to come back from the losses. I absolutely love helping people achieve their best health, it feels like my calling and I’m really stubborn. I have the passion and the will to stick it out because this is what I was put on this planet to offer and I love it.

What’s one thing about your profession you want everyone to know?

Small gym owners are tough cookies! It’s been a hard 2.5 years. I know many other gym owners in town and we get together from time to time to just cheer each other on. We are crafty, thrifty, gritty, and extremely hard working. From the outside, it may appear like an easy job. It’s not. I’ve shoveled the snow and snaked the toilets at Mecha for the last 2.5 years just to save money so I could pay my staff more and retain amazing instructors. We work our asses off and that level of grit comes from passion. We love you and passionately want to see you achieve your best health and we will bust our asses every day to create a sanctuary for you to do that.

Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

Mecha offers Resistance, Strength + Cardio, and Hybrid classes geared towards ensuring all participants receive personalized attention to reach and exceed their fitness goals. For an energizing, balanced, full-body workout experience go visit Mecha Fitness at 2546 Spruce St. in Boulder, CO or at 1817 Hwy 42 in Louisville, CO! Visit Mecha online at www.mecha.com to learn more about classes, the team, and which Mecha class experience is right for you.

At Jlounge, we know that wellness isn’t just skin deep. We’re proud to be featuring a few of our favorite wellness practitioners in the Boulder community this August to connect our clients with new ways to become their healthiest and happiest selves. To learn more about our mission and services offered, please visit our website at jloungespa.com. Need some extra care after your next Mecha class? Try our new Sports Pedi, a calming and restorative service aimed at relaxing sore feet and treating calluses that come with an active lifestyle. 


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