When visiting Jlounge, our clients know they can always expect the healthiest, most luxurious, and natural spa and salon experience. Our co-founders, Jen and Julie, set out almost ten years ago to create a new type of spa that was fairly priced while offering top-of-the-line customer service and clean, natural products, something we’re proud to have maintained over the years. We always strive to treat our customers with the utmost respect and transparency. As inflation and costs continue to rise nationwide, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the value of Jlounge services and remain transparent about how your dollar is spent at Jlounge.

We opted to install many COVID safety measures at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure our customers would be able to feel safe coming to relax at Jlounge, regardless of age or health status. This included a permanent iWave air purification system that uses top-of-the-line ionization technology to remove up to 98% of harmful pathogens from the air, enabling our clients to breathe easily whether they choose to wear a mask or not. In addition, we increased our sanitation spending to include the cost of gloves and masks for our employees and botanical cleaning surfactants which keeps all common spaces regularly sanitized without using potentially harmful or nasty-smelling chemicals. We feel great knowing our clients can expect a safe and clean experience any day they visit Jlounge!

Something that keeps our clients returning to Jlounge is that the products we use in our services are non-toxic and almost entirely organic. The majority of our client base favors Jlounge above other local spas and salons due to our products remaining free of dozens of harmful chemicals including parabens, oxybenzone, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances and perfumes. By opting to only use products made with high-quality materials like essential oils, natural shea butter, and plant extracts, we keep our spa clean and free of harmful or toxic chemicals – something most spas using generic or drugstore products and sanitizers are not. For example, our wide selection of natural nail polishes our clients love to use tend to be more expensive than typical salon brands since they’re made for professional use and designed to be long-lasting without using harmful chemicals. For more information on the benefits of using clean products, we recommend checking out EWG.org, a nonprofit organization active since 1993 that works to highlight the environmental and health drawbacks of many frequently-used chemicals and products.

As costs rose due to supply chain issues during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we faced the challenge of continuing to source the all-natural and safe-to-use products that are integral to the Jlounge experience. To ensure our skilled employees would continue to be paid fairly for their expertise and customer service in the face of rising minimum wage and other unexpected costs, we opted to slightly raise the price of our services to maintain the natural products our customers love and continue to hire only the best and friendliest nail technicians and estheticians. “We feel that our employees deserve to be paid well to perform high-quality services because they contribute to the success of the company. We are a team, and we work hard to cultivate a positive and healthy environment” said co-founder Jennifer Zrubek.

We know that a safe and healthy spa experience is why our clients have continued to choose Jlounge over the past nearly ten years, and are proud to continue to offer an experience in-line with what Jen and Julie set out to achieve many years ago. We thank our clients for their continued support – it wouldn’t be possible without the help of our Boulder community!


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